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Reason and Ignorance, the opposites of each other, influence the great bulk of mankind. If either of these can be rendered sufficiently extensive in a country, the machinery of Government goes easily on. Reason obeys itself; and Ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.

-Thomas Paine

I am a libertarian anarchist and a Zen Buddhist. I spent 10 years in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic, bomb disposal technician (EOD), and an air traffic controller. I've spent time in the Middle East, all over America, and in particular, California.

I believe that individual freedom, above all else, is the most virtuous thing a government should strive to give its people. Violence of any sort should be avoided at all costs, and in the footsteps of Bushido, when employed only with restraint.

The keys to a healthy society lie with an intelligent and motivated people, not government. The goal of any community, of any size, should be the development of the individual. Stronger links make a stronger chain.

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